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Meet our Winemaker

David Bellows

David Bellows David Bellows holding wine

Born and raised on the west coast, David settled in Oregon after a peripatetic life that included stops in twelve cities in nine U.S. states, Canada and New Zealand. In contrast to many winemakers with science backgrounds, he became a scientist because of wine and not vice-versa.

He began his wine career nearly 35 years ago, working for famed New York City restaurateur Joseph Baum at Aurora, where he managed the beverage program. After a decade in the retail end of the business, he itched to explore winemaking as a career. He enrolled in the biochemistry program at the University of Arizona as a prelude to earning a graduate winemaking degree at UC Davis. Seduced by the shiny toys in the laboratory, he ended up with a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Johns Hopkins instead. A ten-year detour as a yeast biologist studying our friends Saccharomyces cerevisiae followed, first at a research institute in Toronto, then heading his own research lab at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. It took almost 20 years of international research, teaching, and grant writing to bring him back to his original goal: making wine. He and his wife repatriated to the Willamette Valley, where he began working harvests learning every job in a winery. David has worked in various capacities at Vidon since 2013, with his first vintage as winemaker in 2017. When not geeking out about wine chemistry, he can usually be found mountain biking in the Coast Range or skiing/hiking with his wife around Mt Hood.

Our Winemaking Philosophy

Authentic from start to finish, we let our grapes take center stage.

Our Vineyard

12.5 acres located in the beautiful countryside of Newberg, Oregon.