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Vintage Reports

Each vintage yields a unique harvest and an exciting story. Read about our 2017 Vintage.


2017 began as a traditional Oregon year, wet and cold with a sizeable (for us) January snowstorm. After several early years, bud break and flowering returned to their expected dates in mid April and mid June respectively. Summer continued the Oregon tradition with warm dry days, punctuated by two heat spikes with temperatures in the 90’s, and many cool nights. The first hints of veraison appeared Aug 6. We had an unusual smoke event in early September from fires in British Columbia, but the grapes were unaffected fortunately. After a brief rain in mid-September, the grapes continued to ripen uniformly in the late-summer warmth. Chardonnay was harvested September 16 and the Pinot Noir came in September 24-28. Tempranillo was harvested October 7 and the Syrah was brought in as the first rains fell October 11th.

Premium wine being poured for friendly guests on our crush pad seating area.
A unique view at the authentic estate grown vineyard at Compris.
Three wine bottles, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, premium wine produced at boutique winery Compris Vineyard.
Three woman cheering Pinot Noir at the best winery near me, Compris Vineyard.

Wine Club

There's something for everyone at Compris, being in the club has its perks. You have access to all of the fantastic things going on at Compris, plus some sweet extras only for you.

Premium wine being poured for friendly guests on our crush pad seating area.