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Vintage Reports

Each vintage yields a unique harvest and an exciting story. Read about our 2021 Vintage.


After a dry and sunny Christmas and New Year’s, we were finally back to snow in January and the now expected Valentine’s storm. This led into one of the driest springs on record with many clear days. Buds were already emerging in the first week of April. This led to an accelerated maturation with the pinot block beginning flowering the last week of May, portending a very early harvest. The early maturation continued into June with little rain except right in the middle of flowering. This reduced our yield with fewer berries per cluster and gave us plenty of canopy growth which turned out to be providential. During the last week of June a heat dome formed over the state, bringing unheard of 115F Phoenix-like temperatures for most of the week and smashing all previous temperature records. Fortunately, it rained the previous week, so there was plenty of water to sustain the shoots and the heavy canopy provided much needed shade to the berries. After the heat blast, we returned to a pretty typical Oregon summer and ended the season with beautifully ripe fruit for a very special vintage. We harvested the first grapes on September 5th and finished the Pinot block on September 7th, for the earliest harvest ever at the vineyard. Tempranillo was brought in September 16, just before a rain event. The Syrah was allowed to hang after drying out to capture the final warm ripening days before being harvested Oct 4.

Premium wine being poured for friendly guests on our crush pad seating area.
A unique view at the authentic estate grown vineyard at Compris.
Three wine bottles, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, premium wine produced at boutique winery Compris Vineyard.
Three woman cheering Pinot Noir at the best winery near me, Compris Vineyard.

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Premium wine being poured for friendly guests on our crush pad seating area.