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"Mull"igan 3-Bottle Special


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"Mull"igan Red Wine with Spice

$25 / 750ML

Served warm, aromas of cinnamon and clove fill the glass. On the palate, initial cinnamon notes give way to orange peel, then red fruit and cherry.

2017 Red

3‑Clones Pinot Noir

$60 / 750ML

The 3-Clones Pinot Noir is an even blend of acidity, fruit, and boldness while encapsulating the lively brightness and structure of the 2017 vintage.

2017 Red

Explorer Tempranillo

$50 / 750ML

A bold, blockbuster big red filled with cigar, pepper, and the tannins of grilling meat.

2017 Red

Hans Clone Pommard Pinot Noir

$65 / 750ML

A single clone bottling of the Pommard Pinot Noir, the Hans Pinot Noir is a bold wine that fills each corner of your mouth with rich tannins.

2017 Red

Mélange Pinot Noir

$35 / 750ML

A dark and fruity Pinot Noir for every occasion from Tuesday Pizza Nights to a never-miss housewarming gift.

2018 Red

3‑Clones Pinot Noir

$55 / 750ML

The 2018 3-Clones Pinot Noir has initial aromas of brown sugar and cardamom that give way to a dense core of bing cherry and red fruit flavors with cola undertones.

2018 White

Apollo Chardonnay

$65 / 750ML

A luscious, full-bodied Chardonnay that is bright enough to be paired with fresh-caught crab or lobster.

2018 White

Estate Chardonnay

$35 / 750ML

Crisp and vibrant, this estate Chardonnay has citrus layers of Meyer lemon and grapefruit zest. Background notes of French oak give way to a steely finish.

2021 Rose

Valley Skies

$40 / 750ML

Our very first Rosé of Tempranillo, this savory rosé is sure to please.

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