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Featured News

February 2024 Newsletter

February 1, 2024

Wine and time together are always a winner!

Sip with Confidence: Overcoming the Intimidation of Wine

/ Vivian Shepard

Wine unites a community of all different levels of knowledge.

January 2024 Newsletter

Cheers to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024!

December 2023 Newsletter

Thank you for making the choice to be on this journey with us.

Keeping Wine Tasting Simple

/ Ryan Faddis

Wine tasting should be about your enjoyment.

November 2023 Newsletter

Wine has the unique ability to bring people together and is meant to be shared.

Why I Think Wine Is For Everyone

/ Ryan Faddis

Contrary to the misconception, you do not need to be an expert to enjoy wine fully.

October 2023 Newsletter

We think we have a winning vintage on our hands!

A Summer at Compris

/ Vivian Shepard

An Internship and Insight into the Wine Industry

Vidon Vineyard is Now Compris

We are thrilled to announce our new name, Compris Vineyard!