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Heard it through the grapevine? Stay up to date on all things Compris.

Featured News

May 2024 Newsletter

May 1, 2024

With the help of some beautiful days, we were able to officially declare bud break in our vineyard on April 12th. The 2024 season is officially underway!

April 2024 Newsletter

Compris is constantly looking for ways as to how we can better support our land and community by being proactive and making sustainable choices.

March 2024 Newsletter

Spring is always a nice time to get out and about in wine country.

February 2024 Newsletter

Wine and time together are always a winner!

Sip with Confidence: Overcoming the Intimidation of Wine

/ Vivian Shepard

Wine unites a community of all different levels of knowledge.

January 2024 Newsletter

Cheers to a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2024!

December 2023 Newsletter

Thank you for making the choice to be on this journey with us.

Keeping Wine Tasting Simple

/ Ryan Faddis

Wine tasting should be about your enjoyment.

November 2023 Newsletter

Wine has the unique ability to bring people together and is meant to be shared.

Why I Think Wine Is For Everyone

/ Ryan Faddis

Contrary to the misconception, you do not need to be an expert to enjoy wine fully.

October 2023 Newsletter

We think we have a winning vintage on our hands!

A Summer at Compris

/ Vivian Shepard

An Internship and Insight into the Wine Industry

Vidon Vineyard is Now Compris

We are thrilled to announce our new name, Compris Vineyard!