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Vidon Vineyard is Now Compris

May 9, 2022 |

The boutique Compris Vineyard tasting room.

COMPRIS (French Origin: Included, Understood)

Read about our name change in the Oregonian

We are thrilled to announce our new name, Compris Vineyard, to you all! After successfully navigating all your dogged attempts at soliciting the new name, the day has finally come. The decision to rename was not an easy one and was born entirely of our desire for an easier path towards telling our story and purpose and in no way a reflection of our feelings towards Vidon. We will continue to represent the Vidon name with admiration as we make the transition to Compris. There are a few people we’d like to thank for their support in this decision:

First, a heartfelt THANK YOU to our Vidon, now Compris, Family! We began this journey almost 17 months ago now and are continually blown away by the incredible community that is forming at our humble spot here in the Chehalem Mountains. We were determined to go beyond making great wine; we endeavored to make wine with purpose. That purpose is to cultivate a diverse community that we believe enhances our creativity and innovation and ultimately inspires change. You all play an important role in that and we are always appreciative of the connections and conversations with you that help inform our path. We look forward to continuing to share our knowledge and experiences with each other as we share some beautiful wines!

Second, Don and Vicki’s contributions to this Winery and Vineyard cannot be overlooked. They were such fantastic stewards to this land and provided us with an incredible start to our adventure. A true pioneer with an experimental nature, Don will always be a beloved figure not only here, but in the entire Willamette Valley Winegrowing community. In Don’s legacy, the experiments will continue! Vicki holds this property in a special place in her heart as is evident with the diverse ecosystem that continues to thrive on this land. The amount of birdseed required to continue what she shepherded is not an insignificant line item on the ledger! Thank you both for your blessings on the rebrand, you are class acts and we will continue to represent you, and what you’ve done, with love and respect. We are honored to have been given the opportunity to carry on this special place in your spirit.

Finally, our Compris Crew. Dave and Tiquette, thank you both so much for your countless contributions. You heard the pitch from a couple of wide-eyed neophytes and jumped in headfirst. We’ve asked a lot of you throughout this last year plus and you’ve done it all with expertise, grace, humility and smiling faces. We are lucky to have you both and look forward to what the future holds!


Erin and Dru Allen