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2021 Red

Midnight Journey Syrah

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2021 Red

Midnight Journey Syrah

$50.00 /750ML

Wine Description

The first vintage of Syrah for us was a testament to patience and trust in the communal spirit that surrounds the Willamette Valley wine industry.  It has always been the last varietal harvested from our vineyard, as it takes the longest to ripen.  Rain was on the horizon and we were anxious to get the fruit in to avoid any potential weather-releated issues.  Our more seasoned farmer friends convinced us to be patient and we were rewarded with perfect ripeness and balance as a result.  Patience is a necessary virtue in winegrowing!  ~Dru Allen

Tasting Notes

Midnight Journey Syrah offers both a savory and floral bouquet, accentuated by hints of pepper and meatiness. The nose is rich and complex. On the palate, the wine reveals round, tight, firm tannins, providing appropriate grip and structure for a satisfying finish.

Bottle Details

January 2024


Chehalem Mountains

Bunches of fresh harvested grapes.

Vintage Report

Each vintage yields a unique harvest and an exciting story. Read about our 2021 Vintage.

Premium wine being poured for friendly guests on our crush pad seating area.
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Premium wine being poured for friendly guests on our crush pad seating area.