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February 2024 Newsletter

February 1, 2024 |

Rays of sunlight coming through the clouds above Newberg with Compris Vineyard in the foreground.

Dear Compris Family and Friends,

January brought a little more cold weather than we anticipated, including snow and freezing rain. After almost a week, we defrosted and were able to get back into the swing of things. Thankfully, the vines are dormant, so no worries there. Last month also began our third year of having a wine club! It's been incredibly heartwarming to meet and get to know so many wonderful people from all backgrounds of life, as we've watched this awesome family grow. We're looking forward to our wine club community gathering in March for their pick up and opportunity to connect with other Compris-ers!

Don't forget that this month we take time to recognize the loved ones in our life. Need a last minute gift? Consider coming to the vineyard to visit the weekend before or after to taste our newly curated wine flight, or join us for our Blending Experience on 2/17. Wine and time together are always a winner!

Thank you for your continued support of our fine wine and small team.

~The Compris Crew

What's in a song?

This month’s music intro is a call out to one of our wines being released for the first time, Melody Maker. If a Pinot noir clone were a musical term, melodic would describe our 777 clone. There's a balanced composition of elegance and structure in it that gets stuck in our head, kind of like a catchy melody. This clone is the Melody Maker of the vineyard. The Kooks are looking for an emotional connection with harmony and balance in the song, we find them in this wine. Enjoy!
Learn More About Our Melody Maker

Read Our Latest Blog

Our latest blog is up and ready for your viewing! In this post, Vivian discusses how to overcome the intimidation of wine and sip with confidence. Pulling from her own personal experiences, she shares her journey with wine and encourages all to embrace the unknown. Please take a read!

Winemaker for a Day

Dive into the fascinating world of winemaking this February 17th. Join us for an exclusive Blending Experience where you'll gain hands-on insight into how we craft our wines. From understanding what makes up different Lots and the influence of barrels to exploring the expression of our terroir, this event is a perfect blend of education and entertainment. You will be one of the first to see the Mountain Echo and As One come together and get a front-row seat to how those decisions are made. Did we mention that you will also get to taste all the different parts as we move along? Spaces are limited to focus on interaction and community; whether you’re a dedicated student of enology or just want to be one of the first to try the 2023 vintage, this event is for everyone. Only 6 spots remain - don't miss out on this fun and educational event!

Club Member Spring Celebration

Hello, members! Please check your email for a link to RSVP to our Spring Club Pick Up Celebration on March 9th and 10th. We can't wait to host you while you enjoy delicious bites and some of the newly released Compris wine. Come connect with us and others in your Compris family while we toast the early spring days. If you need the link resent, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Not in the club, but interested in learning more? Click the button below for more information on our club options! Wine Club Details

Upcoming Dates to Note

We're excited to share what's on deck for the Compris Crew this year! As more information becomes available, we'll update our website, newsletters, and social media. Hope to see you in the coming months!

At the Vineyard

In the Wild

Our February Cause ~ Animals

Compris’ partnership with Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project has resulted in the successful hatching of over 14 fledglings in the past three years! Our sustainable, pesticide-free vineyard is the perfect home for our feathered friends to help us keep unwanted insects at bay.

Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project (PBRP) is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation of the Western Bluebird within the northern portion of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The Western Bluebird is listed as a “sensitive species” in Oregon by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife. Since the 1970’s the PBRP has been working to help restore the Western Bluebird in portions various counties, including ours - Yamhill. The major reasons for the decline of the Western Bluebird are: loss of habitat; competition from non-native house sparrows and starlings; and reduction of insects due to the use of pesticides.

Volunteers with PBRP place nest boxes in appropriate habitat and monitor them during the nesting season to gather valuable nesting information. The data collected enables PBRP researchers to determine the life span and reproductive success of specific birds and to track the dispersal of fledgling young to other nesting locations. Volunteers also help educate landowners and the public about the threats to bluebirds through newsletters, training classes, and field trips.

They are making a difference! Since reaching an all-time low in the 1970’s, the Western Bluebird population in the northern Willamette Valley has increased in numbers due in large part to the dedication of these volunteers.

Learn more by visiting their website and Facebook!

For the month of February, Compris Vineyard will be donating one dollar from every bottle sold or glass pour purchased of our Valley Skies Rosé of Tempranillo to Prescott Bluebird Recovery Project.

A Special Offer From Our Chehalem Mountains AVA

Our Chehalem Mountains AVA is offering a special bundle! The Mystery Bundle is a randomized 6-bottle set selected from 24 wineries nestled in the picturesque Chehalem Mountains. Sip your way through a curated selection of reds, whites, and sparkling wines handpicked for their exceptional taste and unique stories. Each winery in the collection carefully selected a wine that showcases the unique terror of the Chehalem Mountains and their winemaking styles - we are honored to showcase our 2021 Mountain Echo Pinot noir. Don't miss out on this special opportunity! Please note, pick up and delivery only available in Oregon. Learn More!

"A bottle of wine begs to be shared; I have never met a miserly wine lover." ~ Clifton Fadiman

Photo of Featured Product

3-Clones Pinot Noir